Its Nice To Meet You,

Hey guys! I’m Chelsey. I was born in Mississippi and grew up all over the Alabama. I've had a passion for photography and adventure since I was a little girl and love to bring out the best in people through my lens. I'm a music and movie-loving dork with a very strong love for editorial, travel, music, and wedding photography. So far my adventures have taken me to Bangkok, Krabi, California, Yosemite, Thailand, Chicago, St Louis, Minnesota and many more. I love to focus on the real raw emotional moments of photography. I find my work conveys the best message when i’m on adventure.

Did I mention I own a big blue hippie bus? Well I do haha. I’ve taken it to Bonnaroo Music and arts festival the past two years and its brought me and my whole Roo Bus crew so many smiles, laughter and good memories . Hoping to work my way up to a nice mini camper van I can take on the road permanently to keep the adventure alive. Lets make something awesome together.